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Wings ~ A tale of secrets and love (Wings) is the debut visual novel by Cosmicrology Games. Wings is a story centered around the young (18 yo) princess Cameron Lavelle as she prepares to take on the crown, dubbing her queen of Vicinia - the human ruled territory of the land. Although Cameron has been engaged to her childhood love for the majority of her life, a sudden turn of events thrusts her into the complicated process of finding a new suitor. Then, in another unexpected twist she uncovers a part of her family's past heavily buried in lies and deceit that detail the truth of the late Queen Lucia's death. Will Cameron be able to navigate her way through new love, the politics between human and fae, and even more lies or will she succumb to the pressure? That all depends on your choices. 

Rated 15+

Brief mentions of suicide. Adult language. Implied sexual content.

Just over a century has passed since the peace treaty between the humans of Vicinia and the neighboring land of Lucerna was signed. The young Princess Cameron of Vicinia is the hope of a people looking to enter a new age of prosperity and peace. But her own peaceful life is about to be shaken by old magic, lies, betrayal, deceit, and love. 

Wings ~ A tale of secrets and love is a fantasy romance visual novel that is heavily impacted by your choices. 

Each of the hundreds of choices determine which of the prospective suitors you garner more favor with and some choices affect the public's opinion of you. All choices impact the story and determine the legacy that Princess Cameron will leave behind. 

You decide if you get a fairytale-perfect happy ending or if you become the public enemy of the country. 

The princess of the human-ruled land, Vicinia. A young girl, passionate about the people she loves and determined to be the best ruler of Vicinia that she could be. She has a tendency to be extraverted and open with her emotions though because she was so sheltered growing up, she can be very naive.

A lord from a neighboring town near the capital. He grew up rich and privileged as many nobles in Vicinia do. From a young age, he was to be betrothed to Princess Cameron and his parents were thrilled to advance their own social rank in the process. Shaun became swept up in the politics over time.

The Fae Prince of the fairy ruled land, Lucerna. An incredible responsibility rests on Kane's shoulders as he will be his father's successor when the time comes. Due to that weight, Kane tends to keep to himself, is often moody, and has a tendency to keep those that care about him at a careful distance.

As the son of two restaurant owners, Mace lives a simple and uncomplicated life. Although charming, he has a tendency to be aloof about his upbringing but is otherwise cheerful and fun to be around. He's a hard-worker and a diligent son to his parents.

A resident of Lucerna and a childhood friend of Kane. His parents are often away on business and rarely ever home as they work all over the world. Due to this, Jake grew up largely self-sufficient and tends to take a more independent approach to life.

As the son of a wealthy family with aspirations of advancing in society, a lot of pressure has been put on Harold to continue his family’s bloodline. Even still, he’d always had an eye for the princess, he’d just never imagined he would actually be given the opportunity to make his family proud.

A rather curious citizen of Vicinia that many in the capital take care to avoid. Many aspects of this man’s life are a secret, but what is well known is that he’s into the occult and those devout followers worship the ground he walks on. It’s rumored that he has mystic abilities similar to… magic?

  • Play as a female protagonist 
  • Experience a story-rich romance fantasy that's expressed over 250,000 words. 
  • Talk to a diverse cast of 28 characters. 
  • Fall in love with a variety of 6 different male marriage suitors (love interests). 
  • Make 500 choices that impact the ending and determine your story.
  • Discover a total of 8 endings.
  • Travel down 6 romance endings and 2 solo endings.
  • View 17 CGs
  • Get to know the suitors better through a marriage interview system 
  • Public opinion is determined by some choices, choose wisely! (Although some suitors may not agree with your opinions)


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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Like the game but I keep running into an error near the end of Jake's route. And its keeping me from getting his ending. I copied it for reference: ScriptError: could not find label 'jakevshaun'.



Glad to hear that you're enjoying the game so far. We're sorry to hear about this issue. We'll look into it and get back to you! Thanks for reporting it. :)


Thanks for your patience! That issue has now been fixed so you can continue playing Jake's route. Just re-download the game file from the store page and replace the contents of the folder on your device with the new download folder.

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I think the last commenter (jeybeegames) covered it well. Yep, the art in the demo is what you see throughout. All the LIs follow the same story beats just react to them slightly differently. (I hate Shaun, more below)


The MC has moments where she seems more mature than most of these types of games and she rarely makes outright bad decisions.

The story is interesting the first time around.

The side characters are good and add to the story.

The writing itself is good but the story/mechanics is where it is weird so I think future projects will probably be better and worth looking at.


I only played through 1 time with Kane, 1/4 way through with Mace, and halfway through Ronan. It just gets repetitive and I actually didn't always care for the story. Also, I loath Shaun and didn't want to play through that hideously awkward ending again.

There was no choice for outright rejecting Shaun.

The expressions don't change when they should and make some interactions weird. Like two characters arguing, but the whole time their face is :)

The writing I think was good at building characters and descriptive. But the story it was telling was repetitive, not fleshed out, and awkward in places. With Kane, they mention how they've both "changed since they were kids" SO much. It felt like the MC had that revelation multiple times but each time she was realizing it for the first time.

Not many real choices. Just "who am I going to hang out with today" for many days in a row. I think just picking who you want to pursue in the beginning would allow the story to flow more naturally.

Some awkward interactions where it only lasts for like 15 seconds and then they're all "I should be getting home, it's late" (really seems like you just arrived though? Adds to the weird pacing/ unnecessary options.


She's the only heir to the throne but she runs around on her own in town, into spooky shops, to the town border, and into neighboring towns? To meet up with and hang out with suitors alone?? I know it's all made up but maybe mention a guard is shadowing her IDK.

You kiss the guy you're after in the middle of the story, which is great! Some games take forever to get here and only have and kissing at the end. While this might not actually happen in the time period it is set in, it's all made up so ok. I like this! It is more realistic.

Shaun is vile garbage and has his own section below. Mace acts inappropriately towards the MC. At the first marriage interview, Mace suddenly jumps up into her personal space like he's going to kiss her after saying he likes "spontaneity" and the RIGHT choice is to let him kiss you? He doesn't and then laughs at you...

The 3 stories I played had moments where 2 guys would fight or argue over you in every story and every story ends with another of these fights I've heard. The MC doesn't have an option to say "stop it this is childish" and blushes instead kinda liking it. Ugh. Feels like a harem anime in places (Mace arguing with Kane when you've only spoken once?).


I loathe Shaun. I've been cheated on before, and Shaun's vile, two faced, scheming, selfish being really ruined this for me. "Oh, please, nothing happened, I'm sorry, I love you, I just didn't think you loved me, please, I've had her fired, there was nothing between us, please, I want to be your knight in shining armour". (vomit)

OK so it's HER fault that you didn't feel loved enough?!  He literally says "You were the one who started acting cold first" LIKE HE IS BLAMING THE MC. The story clearly says HE is the one who pulled away and stopped talking to her??? HE was the one keeping a handsy flirty maid around??? The MC is over here writing to him consistently, setting up special meals/dates for them, and learning to cook his favorite recipes FOR HEAVENS SAKE.

 ALSO, can you tell me why TF you pulled the maid on top of you, or wanted/let her to call you pet names and flirt with you??? Can't you fire her at a moments notice? Are you not in charge of your own actions and reactions? OK let's say I believe that you two never touched each other (I don't) then explain what I heard:

Shaun: It's only going to cause problems if someone catches us.

Maid: That's not going to happen, honey. I'm always careful aren't I?


Maid: You're young and handsome (blah blah)

Shaun: Hm...Go on...

*there was an audible gasp followed by giggling and hushed words and you open the door to find her on top of him as if he pulled her up there (hence the gasp)*

THEN the MC runs outta the castle and when she gets back he's gone but leaves a poor excuse of a letter as an apology. He comes back in all routes fairly early on and wants to still be friends and tries to play everything off after a terrible apology. AND THE MC AGREES!? THERE IS NO OPTION TO NOT AGREE. He then shows up at the end of all routes (I assume but definitely in Kane's) and FORCES HIS LIPS ON YOURS AND CONFESSES HE LOVES YOU AND WANTS YOU. The MC "His lips were insistent against mine and I had no sense to resist or even think about what was happening, I clutched at his shirt for some sense of stability" He then runs off because he hears someone calling to you like all well intentioned men do.???

AND YOU THEN CAN'T TELL IF YOU LOVE THIS BAG OF D!CKS OR THE GUY YOU'VE BEEN DATING THIS WHOLE TIME!!!!???? This threw me for such a hard loop that I haven't recovered. Like, the MC needs a court therapist or something. I feel sooo bad for the guy you're with at the time too. Like oh lol sorry my cheating Ex that the whole kingdom knows about has come back and assaulted me, so I'm not sure if I should pick you or him........??


I just finished playing through all of the routes and thought I'd leave a comment. 

The game is more or less as advertised. You know what kind of art and story to expect from the first part of the demo, and while parts of the different routes feel rushed or unpolished, overall it feels mostly complete and satisfying to play. You get a clear idea of what the art and GUI looks like from the screenshots, and while it might not be to everyone's preference, it was consistent throughout and fit well with the story. 

I wish there had been more variation in the routes. I also felt like most of the choices were repetitive. Most of the time the choices weren't even necessary, you were basically just selecting which of the love interests you would see that day.

If you're (like me) interested in trope-heavy otome visual novels with distinct and varying love interests with a heavy dose of romance and fluff with a dash of angst, then give it a try.


My biggest disappointment with the game is the inability to become both a strong leader and a spouse. You can choose to either be a queen or a lover, there's no path where those two converge in a meaningful way. While you're technically queen in all of the good endings, you don't have any clear idea of what that entails.  I played the queen route just to complete the CG gallery and see what it would be like, but as someone who really isn't into royalty, those routes were not very satisfying to me as they were written. I would have liked to see Cameron implement some real change between the fae and human relations. Maybe shed some of her extravagance or show more of what the average citizen's life is like.  

Another plot feature I wasn't really all that excited about was when, towards the end of each route, Cameron has to choose between two suitors because she realizes she has feelings for both of them. This would be great if it featured in only one or two routes, or if it were an optional bit of drama to add to a route, but to force it on every one was a bit tedious and it didn't always make sense. Like, if Cameron spends the entire game only meeting with one suitor, showing extreme interest in that suitor, and it's clear that she's only pursuing him, only to have someone who showed up one time in the prologue confess his love for Cameron and for Cameron to suddenly have feelings for him, too? It feels forced and contrived and takes you out of the story a bit. 

I did also feel like maybe there wasn't enough variation in the choices and in what happened in each route. Obviously, all of the love interests are unique and each have their own reservations that they overcome with Cameron's help, but it became tedious when, with each play through, I would think "This is where someone interrupts our date, this is where Cameron kisses one of the other suitors and has to choose, this is where Cameron meets Linton and they drink, this is where Mia shows up." It would have been nice to have a little more variation.

As for the suitors themselves, I'd say they were mostly interesting. Of course I did like some routes more than others. I'm sure there are some players who would be intrigued by Shaun, especially since he's obviously the character Cameron has the most history and rapport with, but he was an absolute write off to me. At the risk of seeming dramatic, it was actually kind of painful for me to get through his route, and I just did it for the completionist in me. I played the characters in order that they appear in the list when you get to select the marriage interviews (which were by far my favorite part of the game, by the way). So I did Kane, Shaun, Jake, Mace, Ronan, and Harold. 

I liked Jake and Kane the best, Ronan and Mace a little less, Harold next, and Shaun, well... We covered Shaun. Let me be clear, though, that it wasn't bad writing that made me dislike any of the characters or routes, per se, but just a disinterest in the tropes/kinds of characters they were. 


I really hate Shaun.